Success stories

SMART START Macedonia: Centre for Sustainable Initiatives

“Pedala" the first social bicycle center in Skopje

“Pedala” became a real hot spot in Skopje. After receiving the sub grant in the framework of the Smart Start project, this bicycle center is a frequent place for social gatherings, but mostly a place where you can service you bike or learn how to fix it.

As of the official opening of the bicycle center, this social enterprise has started receiving members and donations. Within one month they have achieved income of over 30000 MKD, which if it continues, will be good for the long run of the Centre. So, for what purpose are donations, membership and repair fees used for? “Pedala” are strived by a very noble idea and mission.

Namely, they organize workshops and trainings for youngsters and bike lovers on how to service their bikes by themselves, how to patch a bike tire and lessons related to bike traffic safety. By now, they have organized three such workshops / trainings.

One of the training was dedicated for the kids who are attending the “Zabec” school for eco-life style, another social enterprise sub granted by the Smart Start project. This demonstrates that even in the initial stage, the Smart Start social enterprises have established and maintain network and mutual collaboration. But, not only the lessons are Pedala’s produced social values.

They also repair old bikes which are awarded to social aid recipients in order to facilitate their all day phase, but mostly to enable better communication and mobility in terms of their active involvement in the job hunt and providing income for themselves and their families. Up to now they have repaired three bikes and awarded to such recipients, whereas 5 are expected to be refurbished in the upcoming period.

They are in process of signing a memorandum of understanding with “Ljubeznost” – well established NGO that aims for improving the conditions of social vulnerable and fragile social aid recipients in order to pave the way for a long term and systematic cooperation; such discussion for finding matching points of interests are planned for: SOS Children’s village, Faculty of Architecture, and the Scout Organization. “Pedala” is a worthy place to visit. You will learn how to service you bike, but mostly you will increase your passion for the bike and urban mobility modalities. Simultaneously you will help vulnerable groups to become more mobile in the city by being granted a refurbished bike. A lot of dots connected that makes “Pedala” both social enterprise and a social center.    

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