Success stories

SMART START TURKEY: Association of Life with Asperger Syndrome and Autism

Asperder Production and Advertisement Services

Association of Life with Asperger Syndrome and Autism which aims to raise awareness about the Autism and Asperger Syndrome in society and to improve the quality of life of High Function Autism individuals and their families.

With this aim, the association established a series of social enterprises. One is a film production company that produce awareness films. They shoot their first awareness film to raise the awareness of Autism Day which is 2, April. They gained support (venue and video camera) from a university which is one of the most reputable ones in terms of art education in Turkey. They established a website and are announcing their services through this website. . They haven’t gained any revenue yet, however their works are going on and they are keeping in touch with the university for further supports.

They also established a real estate as a social enterprise as a legal entity which provides the parties to transfer the earnings obtained as a source of autism. They will start to run this enterprise soon.

Other social enterprises of the association are:

  • Asperder Promotional Products: T-shirts built within the scope of the project have been completed and delivered to support the two school volleyball teams in the provinces of Hakkari and Batman. These are two cities in the East of Turkey with low incomed people. They started to gain revenue through this enterprise.
  • Asperder Advertisement Services: The aim is to transfer the profit gained by making quality production in accordance with the specifications requested in the field of indoor and outdoor advertising products as a source for Autism. They haven’t gained any revenue yet.