Success stories

SMART START TURKEY: Sındırgı Local and Artistic Products Market Project

Workplace for production of artistic ceramic products

Well-educated Generation Youth, Informatics, Art and Tourism Organization works on education and informatics activities related to arts, tourism, environment, culture, history, and sports for young people.

Within their social enterprise the Association aims to create a workplace which is a sales market platform where they educate at least 50 young women living in their district and make them earn money by producing valuable products. They produce to offer souvenir products suitable for all budgets and tastes that the tourists coming to their district can take as a souvenir or use. For the customer needs and expectations in the best way, they aim to offer them the most accurate gifts and products, local and artistic potential with a wide range of products and services to all segments of society, operating with sustainable profitability and productivity.

Balıkesir (the city) and Sındırgı (the district) needs to develop through tourism and has a structure that contains many undiscovered values with its unspoiled structure. There are many organic, traditional products in the region, that people living in metropolitan areas want to reach. However, since there was no initiative, no place where there are attractive products for tourists Well-educated Generation Youth, Informatics, Art and Tourism Organization developed the Sındırgı Local and Artistic Products Market Project.

Within its social enterprise, the association established a workplace and started to produce artistic ceramic products. They haven’t established a legal entity yet however they have started to gain revenue from the products. They are now looking for sponsors to maintain their workplace and ensure their sustainability.

They created an Instagram account for their workplace, with more than 4000 followers.