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B&H finished educational cycle for 20 CSOs

Smart Start project in Bosnia and Herzegovina published a call in which over 100 organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina have applied. After technical evaluation, 96 applications were accepted and have entered in the second round of evaluation by the established Committee which in the next 10 days had evaluated all 96 organizations and had choose first 20 organizations that have entered in the program. After that, organizations were going through OECA methodology (Organizational Entrepreneurship Capacity Assessment), the first methodology for assessing the organizational capacity which has analyzed, defined and assessed capacity of 20 organizations in terms of social entrepreneurship. OECA Methodology is available in 7 languages and to all organizations that are interested in it, they can do it by filling it on the link:

Based on the results of OECA, Smart Start has set 5 modules that 20 organizations will pass with the aim of strengthening the capacity and the development of entrepreneurial skills, as well as analyzing the market and creating a business 3-year projection of the enterprise/implementation economic activity.  20 CSOs from Bosnia and Herzegovina for almost 3 months were going through 5 modules in order to learn how to create or upgrade social enterprise. These are the modules they have passed:

After these modules, CSOs have 30 days to develop their business plans and apply with them to Smart Start FSE (fund for social enterprises) – which is 61.700,00 € only for B&H. Selection of 10 CSOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina who will receive financial and technical support in implementation of the business ideas will be based on assessment of business plans developed by 20 CSOs during capacity building activity and submitted to Smart Start consortium members. Selection committee will be established from consisting representatives of EU delegation, business sector representatives, representatives of local government and academia.