Project News



Third regional meeting of unique network of CSOs has been held in Belgrade. During three days 10 CSO representatives in Smart Start network and national leaders of the entrepreneurship sustainability model project have been adressing the final stepts to present how three years have affected envirnoment of the already broken civil society circle. Indeed, social entrepreneurship (SE) in Western Blakans and Turkey (WBT) is in the begginer phase, but it is likely interesting just as a legendary Italian story and we believe one day SE in WBT will be a success story in the world.

Smart Start has implemented it's three years of activities, research, reccomendations and development of civil society organizatons (CSOs) and their social entrepreneuship ideas/enterprises. Through the three years, it has been noticed that SE phenomenon is not something missing in WBT, but it has not been recognized as a part of the economy, social and ethical basis of the economy nor as a model for sutainability of CSOs.

As you may know, in Italy, social economy  was developed through cooperatives and it became an interesting model for CSOs as social enterprises. In Balkans and Turkey, this model is otherwise. CSOs have brought, through experiments in search of sustainability in the times of war, post-war times and inclusion initiatives for marginalized groups. Social economy was brought by CSOs in order to perfectly fit to social problems through services and prodacts to those in needs and community  engagement through development.

Beside these results which will be presented on final events, when one project invests 343k EUR in civil society it is already clear the change and significant results have been made. During three days, partners and granted CSOs have made a milestone on making a strategic plan how to move forward and continue with networking and how 60 CSOs can continue making changes and promoting success stories, along with affecting current flows and frameworks CSOs are working in their environment.